Protarget will be part of the EuroSun 2020 conference

Protarget’s chief engineer Nicolas Ürlings is going to present the topic of “Cost reduction by combining solar thermal technologies for a dispatchable steam generation” at the 13th International Conference on Solar Energy for Buildings and Industry. The conference will be a virtual event this year and is taking place on 1-3 September 2020. We are looking forward to share our solar expertise and experience with the leading experts of the #solarindustry and political representatives.

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Protarget on the sunny side in Cyprus

Growing interest in solar thermal technology and increasing collector area offer new opportunities for solar business in Cyprus. The solar thermal power system by Protarget integrates an innovative thermal storage system and allows steam generation up to 425 °C around the clock. Moreover the cypriot customer Kean could reduce the consumption of heavy fuel oil by about 15% annualy and lower its CO2 emissions.And even more is coming! Protarget has designed and commissioned a 220 m2 CPC vacuum tube solar field at Kean in Cyprus earlier this year. More information will be disclosed soon.

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From Green Deal to green recovery: An initiative of the European solar industry

As part of the German and the European Solar Thermal Association, Protarget fully supports the initiative of the European solar industry to foster the implementation of CST and thereby reduce decarbonisation of the energy sector, fight against climate change and provide innovative energy solutions in Europe.


Webinar: Solar for commercial and industrial heat

During the webinar held on 30 January 2020 Martin Scheuerer, Commercial Director at Protarget, explained economics and cost advantages of solar technology for comercial and industrial heat production. Learn more about cost benefits, fuel savings and a short payback period.


Protarget AG gives a talk on “India: Solar and bioenergy in industry”

You are invited to take part in a business event that will take place on February 10th at the IHK Düsseldorf, as part of the “energy export initiative” framework on the subject of solar (PV & CSP) and bioenergy for industrial applications. Siddharth Dutta, project engineer at Protarget, will present best practice experiences of Protarget in successfully implemented CST (Concentrated Solar Thermal) projects in India.
In addition, Mr. Dutta will introduce the German CSP Industry Association.
The event offers further exciting lectures on the topic and excellent networking opportunities.

Key data of the event:
Event: Solar (PV & CSP) and bioenergy for industrial applications in India
Date: 10.02.2020
Location: Düsseldorf, Deutschland
Carried out by: eclareon GmbH
Event details and free registration here: