Webinar: Solar for commercial and industrial (C&I) heat on 30th of January 2020

Protarget’s commercial director Martin Scheuerer will take part on ATA’s webinar “commercial use of solar energy for industrial” held on the 30th of January. Being an expert on the commercial aspects of solar thermal energy generation CST, Martin Scheuerer will share with you Protarget’s knowledge and experience from various industrial process heat projects worldwide.

Join the webinar to:

  • Explore the solar technologies that can satisfy your needs for heat and steam from under 100 ºC to more than 400 ºC and from below 20 bars to more than 100 bars of pressure
  • Consider your solar resource – how to figure out whether your solar resource can yield competitive solar heat & steam prices
  • Who is who – get an overview of the main players in the market, their technical capabilities and how they can help you satisfy your specific heat & steam requirements

The webinar is conducted by ATA Insights, a strategic marketing company in the renewable energy industry. They work with leading companies, associations and multilateral organization creating webinars for +17,000 professionals that follow their content.

Tune in on Thursday, 30th of January at 12.00 CET
Please register online – Places are open but limited
Sign up here: http://bit.ly/2RqqsVE

10 years Protarget AG

This year Protarget AG celebrates its 10th anniversary. Since its foundation in October 2009, the company has become a global player in the renewable energy sector. Our millstones of the past 10 years:October 2009            Protarget AG founded in Cologne
March 2012                Moving into our new engineering and production facilities in Cologne
October 2012             Commissioning of the first German CST (Concentrated Solar Thermal) pilot plant in Bad Aibling near MunichJanuary 2013             Receiver tube and parabolic trough module certified by an the German Aerospace Centre DLRAugust 2014               Solar field performance certified by independent solar institution (CSP-Services Germany)
April 2015                   Structural design of the CF100 Solar collector verified by TÜV Rhineland in accordance to the EUROCODEJuly 2015                    Protarget certified as an ISO 3834 approved welding organisation by TÜV Rhineland
May 2016                    CE-certification of a heliostat for the use in CSP tower power plants
August 2017               Commissioning of the first CST plant in India to provide steam to a dairy in Tamil NaduJuly 2018                    Commissioning of the first CST plant with thermal storage in Cyprus to provide steam to a fruit juice manufacturer in LimassolDecember 2019         Construction of the first CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) power plant in Brazil for a local energy supplier in Sao PauloJanuary 2020             Construction of the first process heat power plant with vacuum tube collectors CPC in CyprusWe would like to thank our employees and business partners who have accompanied us on this exiting journey.

Special thanks go to our customers all over the world for the trust they have placed in us.

Limassol: Solar thermal power plant built by Protarget AG successfully put into operation

It was a beautiful sunny day at the end of June when the management of Cyprus largest fruit juice producer “KEAN Soft Drinks Ltd.” officially launched their new solar thermal plant designed and constructed by the Cologne based company Protarget AG. The German ambassador at Nicosia, Mr. Franz Josef Kremp joint the event at the KEAN headquarter in Limassol. Several representatives from science, politics and business gathered there. They all wanted to see the completion and launching of a prestigious and promising project. “For us, this day is the special one”, said Martin Scheuerer, commercial director of the German technology company Protarget AG. “We have demonstrated once again that our solar thermal technology is able to generate steam at significantly lower cost compared to conventional oil boiler systems and thus contributing to a reduction of industrial CO2 emissions”.This CST (Concentrating Solar Thermal) system is the first of its kind in Cyprus that uses the Parabolic Trough Collector (PTC) technology. It generates high-temperature steam that is used in various branches and steps of an industrial the production process. For this specific application at KEAN, the system provides steam of up to 425°C for pasteurization and preservation of fruit juices. Up till now, steam had to be produced with fossil fuels such as heavy fuel oil, diesel or gas in conventional boiler systems. Thanks to the technology developed Protarget, KEAN’s heavy fuel oil consumption will be reduced by around 20 percent, avoiding 150 tons of CO2 emission, every year.

The fully automated operation of this CST system reduces the operational cost to a minimum, with the maintenance being limited to the cleaning of the mirrors. All components of the power plant are designed to operate under harsh weather conditions like deserts. Their durability and performance is guaranteed for more than 25 years. “The integration of a thermal storage also allows steam generation around the clock, which is essential for most industrial productions,” says Scheuerer. Due to its climatic conditions Cyprus is considered to be ideal for the use of the CST technology. The solar radiation levels in most parts of the island, are more than twice as high as in Germany.

Investing in this technology pays off, not only ecologically but also economically. “The system costs are typically amortized in less than four years,” says Scheuerer. In addition to that, our customer are becoming independent of any future oil price increases and or emission taxes. Therefore, Kean has already approved the construction of a second CST plant at their premises in Limassol, with the aim to generate 100% of the company’s steam from solar.

This CST plant is part of an international research project EDITOR (Evaluation of the Dispatchability of a Parabolic Trough Collector System with Concrete Storage).The project was funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Competition, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia.Representatives of the Cypriot economy, politics and research visiting the CST facility at KEAN in LimassolJohn Mitchell, Technical Director at Protarget AG explains how CST technology worksOn the left, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Cyprus Franz Josef Kremp, next to him the owner of KEAN

Protarget AG founded in Cologne in 2009, is specialized in the development, production and construction of turnkey CST plants for industrial steam supply. The technology can also be used in other areas such as cooling processes and industrial wastewater treatment. During the past 10 years, Protarget has successfully completed solar projects in Germany, Cyprus, India and Brazil. Further projects in Jordan, Chile, South Africa and India are in final planning stage.


Time to Act: Protarget AG took part in the briefing at the Federal Foreign Office on the occasion of the 25th UN Climate Change Conference (COP 25)

Berlin, November 14, 2019 – At this year’s briefing, the Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, the German Climate Consortium and other representatives from science and politics are  discussing the upcoming climate summit and climate policy requirements. The annual climate conference, which takes place this year according to the motto “Es tiempo de actuar” – “It is time to act” in the Spanish capital Madrid under the presidency of Chile, serves to implement the Paris Agreement and this year is particularly dedicated to the project to increase international efforts and ambitions for more climate protection. The expectations of climate policy are high.

Martin Scheuerer, the commercial director of Protarget AG, used the briefing at the Federal Foreign Office with around 450 other visitors for an active exchange on climate related issues.

The Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas said that Europe must take a leading role in climate matters, because only then countries like China and India would stay on course. This implies that the EU will have to tighten its climate targets for 2030 next year and set them with more ambition. The European Green Deal must not remain a meaningless phrase, said Maas.

The Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety Svenja Schulze said that the World Climate Conference in Madrid will also be about establishing a reliable offset system for emission certificates on a global level. The contributions to climate protection in individual countries must be increased and the climate targets revised. This is the only way to avoid the climate catastrophe.

In his lecture, Professor Johan Rockström, director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, reports that the national targets set in 2015 are not sufficient to keep global warming below two or 1.5 degrees Celsius. In his view, it is essential to cut global greenhouse gas emissions by half over the next ten years in order to stabilise our climate. Scientific knowledge shows very clearly that following the same path will lead to even greater climate damage. Rockström emphasised that this is not just about environmental protection, but also about protecting human lives.

Protarget – German solar technology for irrigation and wastewater treatment

Protarget AG, based in Cologne, is currently implementing a series of solar projects in Chile. The aim is to supply industrial customers such as copper mines, lithium and food producers with process heat and solar wastewater treatment. Protarget offers its customers turnkey power plants according to the operator model. Thereby Protarget takes over the construction, installation and operation of the plant.

In the April issue of the journal of the Chilean Association for Irrigation and Water Treatment (AGRYD) an interview with the managing director of Protarget AG Martin Scheuerer was published.