Solar Thermal Energy

The technology of our power plants is similar to the principle of a magnifying glass. Concave mirrors focus the sunlight onto a tube filled with a heat transfer fluid. Heated to around 430 °C, this fluid is used to produce steam, which in turn drives a turbine connected to an electrical power generator. The heat captured in this way can be stored almost without loss , allowing solar thermal electricity to be produced whenever required on a 24/7 basis. The process as such has proven its worth for over 25 years. Our innovation consists in making it available to large consumers in a cost-efficient manner.

This is achieved by means of lean manufacturing processes used in the automotive industry’s platform strategy. By using standardised and mass-produced industrial parts, we can reduce the energy generation cost by 70 % compared to conventional forms of energy generation.

solarthermie_energieerzeugung_02   solarthermie_energieerzeugung_03

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