To design, produce and construct solar thermal plants is teamwork. We are proud to be associated and working with top experts from solar thermal research, power plant and engineering and technology providers.

DLR is the German Aerospace Centre in Cologne, Germany. Qualifications of key solar components such as parabolic mirrors and vacuum receiver tubes. DLR is Protarget’s R&D partner since 2009. We collaborate on several German and European research and funding projects developing further innovation in the field of concentrated solar power (CSP).

Germany Industry association on Concentrated Solar Power (CSP). Martin is a founder and a Board member. DCSP represents the interests of the German CSP industry and communicates with the national and EU policy makers in Germany and Brussels.

TÜV Rheinland is one of the world’s leading testing service providers. The company issues qualifications for the technical systems and products around the world. The design of the Protarget equipment like parabolic trough collector, boilers or thermal oil units has been approved by TÜV Rheinland and certified in line with the EU Pressure Directive (PED), the EU Machinery Directive, Eurocode or ASME standards.

CADE Engineering are developers of technology in renewable generation. CADE is a specialist in engineering, consultancy and simulation based in Albacete, Spain.

CADE is Protarget’s cooperation partner since 2014 collaborating with us on several international projects in the field of thermal energy storage and drying.

AGO is a technology company providing industrial energy solutions.

AGO is Protarget’s cooperation partner since 2016 in the field of large-scale heat pumps and solar thermal cooling.

WACKER is a technological leader in the chemical industry and manufactures products for all key global industries. Wacker is Protarget’s cooperation partner since 2010, where we supported the development of its first silicon based thermal oil HELISOL. Since than Protarget is using Wacker oils in our power plants worldwide.

CSP Services is and engineering and consulting company providing a broad range of services round the CSP technology. CSPS is Protarget’s cooperation partner since 2009 and is supporting us in the supply of weather stations. We are jointly developing and selling technical equipment to improve the operation of utility scale CSP plants.

AQUASTILL is an expert in thermal water treatment. Aquastill is Protarget’s cooperation partner since 2019 with the focus on solar water desalination. Both companies are part of an international R&D on solar desalination in Saudi Arabia.

ECO MINING CONCEPTS is an initiative of the German-Chilean Chambre of Commerce CAMCHAL to enable Sustainability of the Mining Process. Eco Mining Concepts has invited relevant industry stakeholders, universities, and policy makers to enable a transitioning toward a more sustainable extractive industry, with a green or cyclical economy, and towards an energy system based on the use of renewable energy sources.