What is a solar steam boiler?

Solar steam boiler generates energy-independent process heat of up to 430°C for most industrial manufacturers ranging from food, consumer goods, laundries and pharmaceutical to mining and automotive industries.

At a glance

  • Provides steam or other form of industrial process heat of up to 430°C

  • Thermal energy is 75% cheaper than fossil-based boiler systems

  • Proprietary technology consisting of parabolic trough solar collectors (PTC)

  • Modular technology allowing fast and easy assembly

  • Collectors designed for ground mounting

  • Fully automated systems requiring minimal maintenance

  • Integrates with conventional energy systems

  • Typical project size: 250 kW – 20 MW thermal

  • Return on investment: 2 – 5 years

  • ESCO model available on request

  • Ideal for industrial steam applications

Key benefits

We decided to introduce solar steam boilers to our fruit juice production plant in Cyprus in 2019, reducing the fuel consumption of our conventional boilers and covering various production processes such as pasteurisation. The solar system provided by Protarget has proven to be a reliable and cost-effective source of thermal energy significantly reducing our fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Stelios Constantinou, Technical Manager at Kean Fruit Juices

Limassol, Cyprus

Technical Data - Solar Steam Boiler (PTC)

Collector model PTC-950 (3x12 m)
System Size
1 MW
5 MW
10 MW
Collector area
2,240 m²
11,200 m²
22,000 m²
Installed area
7,700 m² (110x70 m)
34,860 m² (210x166 m)
68,460 m² (210x326 m)
No. of collector rows
Operating temperature
Up to 430°C
Heat transfer fluid
Steam or thermal oil
Annual yield*
(Würzburg, Germany)
615 kWh/m²/y
Annual yield*
(Athens, Greece)
827 kWh/m²/y
Annual yield*
(Calama, Chile)
1,725 kWh/m²/y
Steam Output (95-175°C)
1,520 kg/h
7,620 kg/h
15,200 kg/h

Certificated in accordance with all applicable European norms

(Pressure Equipment Directive PED/CE and ASME)

*Annual yield based on 175°C saturated steam.

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