Thermal energy storage
technology is an energy-independent solution for industrial scale applications storing thermal energy for up to 565°C.

What is a thermal energy storage?

Concentrated solar thermal energy is produced in the form of heat and can be stored easily. The construction of thermal storage systems is flexible and depends on the scale of each solar thermal plant and its application. Thermal energy storage systems have low operational risk and require minimal maintenance.

At a glance

  • 24/7 dispatchable energy

  • Provides solar thermal energy during the night or in periods of bad weather

  • Capable of storing heat from other sources, for example waste heat

  • Keeps the thermal infrastructure hot also in out-of-hours

  • Faster ramp-up time of existing boiler systems

  • Reduces loads on conventional boilers during periods of peak steam demand

Key benefits

Energy on Demand
Solar thermal energy can be delivered when the plant’s process requires it, not only when the sun is shining.
Many thermal storage systems have almost unlimited lives (>20 years) and do not need to be replaced regularly like electrical batteries.
Thermal storages can be operated to optimise the existing thermal infrastructure. For example, by covering peaks in demand, existing fossil fuel boilers can be operated more efficiently.

Porto Primavera is the first concentrated solar power plant in Brazil successfully commissioned in 2022. Protarget designed the unique thermocline system, overall plant configuration as well as supported us in the development of the plant’s control system. We commend the level and quality of the systems and engineering support from Protarget’s team.

Jonas Rafael Gazoli, Director at Eudora Energia


Technical Data - Thermal Energy Storage Systems (TES)

Water Storage HTF Storage Steam Storage Solid Media Storage Molten Salt Storage
Water Thermocline Storage
HTF Thermocline Storage
Steam Accumulator
Concrete Storage
Two Tank Molten Salt
Storage Capacity MWh
0.1 – 500 MWh
0.5 – 5 MWh
0.5 - 20 MWh
1-1,000 MWh
10-5,000 MWh
Storage Capacity Hours
1-48 h
<2 h
1- 24h
Max. storage temperature
Typical application
All low temperature (<100°C) applications. Can store energy collected over more than one day
Small direct storages providing buffering against changes in solar radiation
Steam supply to processes with large changes in demand and high peak loads
Cost-effective general-purpose storage for mid-sized industrial and combined heat and power applications
Large scale and high temperature applications. Used extensively for 24/7 CSP applications

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