We supply industrial customers with process heat as a cost-effective alternative to fossil fuel based systems.


Steam and hot water for drying, cleaning, cooking, deep frying, baking and pasteurisation at dairies and bakeries.


Steam and hot water for steam juicing, sterilisation, distillation at wineries, breweries, juice producers and distilleries.

Consumer goods

Steam and hot water for melting, drying, colouring, bleaching, compressing and hardening to produce soap, laundry detergent and other hygiene products.

of the industrial energy is used for process heat or cooling.


Steam for drying grass and hey, corn, crop, and rice, or drying of biomass such as husk, bagasse, or wood pallets.

Paper and pulp

Steam and hot water for bleaching, thermo-mechanical pulping and drying at paper industries.


Steam and hot water for rendering process, steam cooking, cooling and refrigeration at abattoirs.


Steam and hot water to process specific applications as well as for distillation, cleaning, and heating at the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Hotel and leisure

Steam and hot water for heating, washing, drying, ironing cooling, water treatment and desalination at industrial scale laundries.

Textile and leather

Steam and hot water for dying, shaping, ironing, and tanning at textile and leather industries.

Solar thermal energy can cover the current industrial energy demand in full by using only 4% of the agricultural land in Germany.

Surface and heat treatment

Steam and hot water for bath heating, drying, degreasing, nitriding, and phosphating at coating or anodizing processes.

Mining and oil

Steam and hot water for ore leaching, galvanic processes, oil recovery and cleaning at mining and oil industries.

District heating

Providing green process heat into district heating grids. Temperatures between 60-160°C. Seasonal storage possible.

Solar thermal energy can reduce beer production costs by


Steam and hot water for drying at paint shops, and for heating of cleaning and immersion baths at body shops.

Plastic and rubber

Steam and hot water for heating, cooling, and vulcanisation at packaging or tire production companies.

Glass and cement

Steam and hot water for drying, burning, and calcination at glass, cement, and ceramics production plants.