Solar hot water boiler
is a cost-effective and reliable energy solution for industrial scale applications.
Solar hot water boiler
is a cost-effective and reliable energy solution for industrial scale applications.

What is a solar hot water boiler?

Solar hot water boiler generates energy-independent process heat of up to 110°C for most industrial manufacturers ranging from food, consumer goods, laundries and pharmaceutical to mining and automotive industries.

At a glance

  • Proprietary technology consisting of vacuum tube collectors or Compound Parabolic Concentrators (CPC)

  • Provides hot water for processes of up to 110°C

  • Modular technology with fast and easy assembly

  • Roof or ground mounting available

  • Fully automated technology requiring minimal maintenance

  • Integrates with conventional, fossil-based energy systems

  • Hybrid solutions with other sources of renewable energy (e.g. biogas, wood pallets)

  • Industrial scale project size: 100 kW – 5 MW thermal

  • Return on investment: 3 – 6 years

  • ESCO/Contracting model available on request

  • Ideal for industrial hot water applications

  • Solar hot water boilers are up to 75% cheaper compared to fossil-based boiler systems

Key benefits

Stable Energy Costs
Solar thermal boiler represents a significant cost reduction in any industrial scale production. In comparison to fossil-fuel based boilers, manufacturers are saving up to 75% in their boiler systems.
Energy Security
Solar hot water boiler provides uninterrupted and always- dispatchable energy at an affordable cost. Solar thermal boilers mean that industrial customers are no longer dependant on fossil fuels.
Sustainable Technology
Solar energy is green and produces zero CO2 emissions. Our technologies help our customers to become climate neutral, helping to put a value on their negative CO2 emissions through the internal carbon tax mechanism.

In 2020, we added Protarget’s vacuum tube collectors along with the thermal energy storage to our fruit juice production plant in Cyprus. The CPC collectors have been mounted on the roof of our factory and the system operates fully automatically, harvesting Cyprus’s plentiful solar resources. Not only do we have a constant 24/7 dispatchable hot water, most notably, we have saved significant amount in fossil fuel consumption and reduced our CO2 emissions.

Stelios Constantinou, Technical Manager at Kean Fruit Juices

Limassol, Cyprus

Technical Data - Hot Water Boiler (CPC)

Collector model CPC-1518 (3.4 m²)
System Size
100 kW
500 kW
1,000 kW
Collector area
204 m²
960 m²
1,918 m²
Installed area
306 m²
1,440 m²
2,877 m²
Max. process temperature
Water Output (60-80°C)
4.3 m²/h
21.4 m²/h
42.8 m²/h
Water Output (20-80°C)
1.4 m²/h
7.1 m²/h
14.2 m²/h
Annual collector output*

(Würzburg, Germany)

615 kWh/m²/y
Annual collector output*

(Athens, Greece)

933 kWh/m²/y

SolarKeymark certified

Quality Tests according to DIN EN and SRCC (US Standard)

*Annual output based on 75°C (+50k) average collector temperature.

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