Boiler Systems CST


Our power plants allow you to generate your own steam and process heat. They are easy to install, reliable to use and can be customised to meet your specific requirements.

Solar heat generation is superior to all other methods in that it converts the solar energy directly into steam and process heat, resulting in maximum efficiency.

  • High system efficiency due to 80% optical efficiency
  • Generate steam with temperatures of up to 430 °C
  • The capacity of our solar steam generators can be increased in 250 kW steps
  • Embeded heat storage ensures operation also at night or in periods of bad weather
  • Installation can also be designed for cooling, desalination and waste water treatment
  • Optional gas or oil burner for hybrid operation
  • Short planning and construction times of no more than 6 months
  • Solar steam generators are assembled on site by protarget engineers and handed over on a turnkey              basis
  • Fully automatic operation for low operating costs
  • Minimal maintenance requirements (cleaning of mirrors)
  • All components designed for at least 25 years of use in desert regions
  • Technology “Made in Germany”