Protarget AG awarded the prestigious Company of the Month

A well-known jury of the association Rheinisches Schaufenster has named the Cologne-based technology company Protarget AG as the company of the month February 2016. The association has set itself the goal of bringing the scientific and economic activities of companies and institutions closer to the public, which contribute to the strengthening of the economic power in the metropolitan region of Rhineland as well as throughout Germany.

Every month, therefore, a company is honoured that exemplifies responsible behaviour, social commitment and innovative ideas and products. “Protarget AG has set itself the goal of promoting the development of the energy market in countries with high solar Irradiation with the production of solar thermal systems and the optimized use of CSP technology (Concentrated Solar Power).

This keynote was created by the conviction of the founders Martin Scheuerer and John Mitchell to be able to create an economically attractive alternative to conventional power generation with the aid of the modular principle. (…) On the way to the breakthrough, Protarget AG has never lost sight of the desired quality. A self-declared goal at all times was to have the seal “Made in Germany”. As a result, technology and components come from Germany.

Protarget now also shares its international experience and technical know-how with other companies in the region and, as Protarget Industrial Services, offers engineering services in the areas of power generation, plant and prototype construction and as a welding specialist.

The result is a Rhenish revolution in the solar industry, made possible by the constant exchange between industry and science, “it says in the jury’s statement. The board includes Elisabeth Slapio, Managing Director of the Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the field of Innovation and Environment, Udo Wendt, Member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Bank AG (Cologne / Bonn / Aachen), artist HA Schult, Fritz Schramma, Lord Mayor a.D. the city of Cologne, and Prof. dr. Margot Ruschitzka (Cologne Technical University).

Martin Scheuerer, Commercial Director of Protarget AG, was pleased with the award: “We are proud to meet with our technological approach to such resonance in our region, see the award but also the commitment to continue innovation and technology in our company advance.”