Protarget’s Innovation wins an International Tender with Heineken in Greece

We are proud to announce that following an international tender process, Protarget has been awarded a contract with Athenian Brewery which is the Operating Company of The Heineken Company in Greece. With the contract the parties initiate an innovative flagship project in a beverage industry at one of Heineken’s breweries in Greece.

The objective of the project is to replace fossil-fuel based energy systems with solar thermal heat and storage systems at Athenian Brewery’s plant in Patras, Greece. For this, Protarget is combining its innovative technologies with an energy contract model, significantly reducing the CO2 emissions as well as cutting the production costs.

Protarget’s Innovation wins an International Tender with Heineken in Greece

The project will innovate the energy supply to the manufacturing processes in the food and beverage industries, leading the way for the production plants switching to carbon-neutral systems with the much needed and looked forward upon assistance of the EU Innovation Fund and achieving EU’s decarbonisation targets by 2050.

The foundation of the project is a Memorandum of Understanding that Protarget and Athenian Brewery S.A signed in July 2022 where both parties confirmed their commitment to lead this innovative change in the beverage industry. The project is due to start in 2023, in line with Heineken’s decarbonisation targets by 2030.

Protarget AG is an experienced engineering company from Germany that has developed a suite of innovative solar thermal technologies for industrial scale applications worldwide. The company was founded in 2009 and delivers solar thermal energy solutions to a wide range of industrial applications.

Protarget is supported by its Greek cooperation partner SOLE. The company is a specialist in solar thermal energy systems who has invented the 1st Solar Water Heater in Greece in 1974. Athenian Brewery S.A. is the largest beer producer and distributor in Greece, with more than 2 million hectolitre output and a turnover of €335m in 2019. Athenian Brewery was founded in 1963.