Update of Protarget’s Solar Thermal Desalination Project in Tenerife

We are thrilled to update you on the progress of our Solar Thermal Desalination Project in Tenerife, Spain, a collaborative endeavour with Aqualia, a leading global water management company.

Currently, construction of the solar plant is underway at Aqualia’s state-of-the-art development facility on the picturesque island of Tenerife. 

This groundbreaking project features a cutting-edge solar thermal system, incorporating our advanced vacuum tube (CPC) collector technology alongside thermal energy storage (TES). The captured solar energy will drive solar-powered desalination systems, generating fresh water and extracting valuable compounds from brine, including critical raw materials, at Aqualia’s Tenerife-based development facility. 

Our primary objective is to demonstrate an innovative seawater desalination and brine mining process powered by sustainable thermal energy. 

Excitingly, civil works are nearing completion at Aqualia’s demonstration facility in Tenerife. 

Aqualia is dedicated to fostering innovation and progress, with a focus on desalination and brine management. Their efforts have been internationally recognized by the International Desalination and Reuse Association (IDRA) at the World Congress.