Solarfield Engineering

• protarget offers solar field engineering, optimisation of collector assembling, construction planning and             supervision, system integration, supplier quality assurance and solar performance control

• Our team has the required experience and know-how in the design and construction of large scale parabolic      trough collectors, that are used in most power plants worldwide

• Dr. Eckhard Lüpfert, founder and technology advisor of protarget, was part of the initial design team that has    created the Euro Trough, the most widely used parabolic trough collector

• Dipl. Ing. Nicolas Ürlings, solar field engineer at protarget, was part of the initial design team that has                  created and realised the Ultimate-Trough, the largest parabolic collector available

Parabolic Trough Collector Technology

• Based on the experience of the large scale collector technology (Euro-Trough, Ultimate-Trough), protarget        has developed a modular, medium size collector (CF100) for industrial process heat supply

• This modular parabolic trough technology fulfils industrial quality standards and is designed to last 25 years      under harsh environmental conditions. Protarget’s solar systems are CE-Certified, with keycomponents             (receiver tubes, mirrors, control system) qualified by the DLR and TÜV Rhineland